Borrowed Poems 3
These poems came from the same source as many of my gifs.
Although I first met him in chat as BITEME!!,
I've found that FB is a man of many moods.
Come...see what I mean......

for you I did not forget

When the sun slips down beneath the sea,
And a soft, comforting glow embraces me,
My soul, alone, leaves me longing to be
Lying beside you, peaceful and free!
Why is it that I need you so?
My thoughts like gentle waves do flow
Through endless time and winds that blow
Forever lost, yet fiercely grow....
As does my love for you, dear
And the pain I receive from each sweet tear
Shed, regretfully, in guilt and fear
Echoes in my heart, ever so clear.
When so far from you , and so long apart
My soul grows distraught, as does my heart
Only somehow we`re together-but I couldn`t start
To explain how of me, you will forever be a part
And upon the day my love does betray
This I implore-- let me sleep evermore!!!


The gold of the horn and the hooves is so bright,
That it seems to glow on the darkest night.
Its fur is so black, it's like a hole in the sky,
When this strange winged creature flies by,
It eats only grass, and has a power so strong!
That it can make right, what has been done wrong!
It can bring back to life, any creature that`s dead,
With the single horn growing out of its head.
But you`ll probably never see,
This beautiful creature described by me
For you must believe that all bad times will go fast,
And we will all live for ever and be joined with the past,
When man and beast will live as one!!

"Medusa" by Boris Vallejo


You gave me a Vision of what life was to be.
You showed me the world that I was to see.
You promised me Love, said you`d always be there,
To lend me a hand to show me you care.
We walked through the days never rushing our steps.
We cherished our time for ours was well spent.
Then suddenly one day, you weren`t by my side.
You were gone forever, but not a tear did I cry.
I rushed through the days, by myself, all alone.
I cherished our memories though my angers had grown.
Then one day I thought of you and a bitter sigh I sighed.
The long awaited sadness pierced my heart then I cryed.
I cried for all the empty dreams that people have.
I cried because I had a dream, but it slipped away.
I cried because a love like ours was meant to endure through out eternity.
and all though I would have never changed it.
In my heart I`ll always know its true,
a lesson learned the hard way,
was the price of loving you!!!